Entheotropia is a personal blog and website about the experience of adventuring toward the divine within, for the purpose of restructuring our psychology and evolving consciousness.


Photo by Dean Dampney

I’m an Australian bloke in my mid-30s, with an eclectic background stretching across numerous continents and occupations, from book editing in Adelaide to deckhanding in Queensland, from freelance typesetting in Turkey to teaching creative writing in Cambodia. I’ve worked as a garbo and as an advisor to community literature organisations. I’ve been a barfly and a tee-totaller. I’ve been a lover and a fighter. I’ve been bashed and I’ve bashed. I’ve been ashamed of existing and I’ve been elated to die. I’ve been an addict of one kind or another since I was about 12 years old. I have tasted all eight of the worldly concerns and I’ve experimented with all eight limbs of yoga. I’ve been a careerist and a dropout. I’ve been secular, atheist, agnostic, pantheistic and a-pathetic. I’ve had a lot of lovers, both empowering and toxic, and I’ve been blessed with a some very dear friends, mentors, proteges and angels in my life ~ probably more than most, I would say, which is a frequent cause for often-overwhelming gratitude. I dallied with a purely material existence until I was about 27, when my Saturn Returns period began with furor. I’ve been through some dark nights of the soul of epic proportions, and eah time I have emerged lighter and more loving. I’ve had an unusual life, and I don’t think it’s going to start getting usual any time soon, thank fuck. Also I swear “too much” because nice words just don’t convey the enthusiasm well enough sometimes.