to the illusion of self and other false beliefs

My experience of low-level addiction has been problematic enough to constitute a major opportunity for raised awareness ~ my curiosity about my own addictions has lead me to the conclusion that addiction is a much greater problem (and therefore a much greater opportunity) if we look beyond the image of junkies and alcoholics to see that we are all addicted to something, from sugar and shopping to the illusion of self and other false beliefs.

I believe addiction should be considered on a spectrum, where at the lower end of the scale a person might be dependent on tubs of ice-cream for emotional management, in the middle a person such as myself might have struggled with recreational drugs, alcohol, food, work and technology addictions, but still be relatively well-functioning, and at the upper-end of the spectrum I would include heroin addicts alongside those bankers, politicians, CEOs and others who are addicted to power, wealth and fame.

The greatest and most problematic addiction, however, and the one that causes the most suffering (in the addict as well as in the world at large), is addiction to the illusion of self and other false beliefs about the true nature of reality.

~ ~ ~

My forays into sobriety from drugs like alcohol, marijuana, coffee and cigarettes have shown me that my addictive tendencies invariably manifest in some form or other when I’m ostensibly sober, usually binge-watching and compulsive baked-potato eating. I understand for myself that my addictive tendencies will continue manifesting in some form until I treat their root cause, which I believe is buried deep under old wounds I can no longer access in my conscious mind.

Even if I could understand all of these wounds intellectually and chronologically/biographically, this would only go so far toward healing ~ I could hope only for the ability to forever manage my addictions and depressions. I don’t want to just manage my addictions ~ I want to be genuinely free from all my addictive tendencies and healed within.

I believe we can heal these ailments once and for all and stop repeating the same patterns and passing on our neuroses through the semi-functional relationships we lumber through.

~ ~ ~

What I talk about when I talk about ailments is the suffering of separation we experience during the birth trauma ~ it is the ailment of the human condition. When we are separated from the Cosmic Mother at birth, we enter the realm of human suffering ~ we emerge from the womb and the first thing we do is wail!

This experience of separation is the beginning of dualism in our timeless spiritual experience ~ where our dis-incarnate soul or spirit had been residing in the monism of the Cosmic Soup I call Home, awaiting rebirth, once we are born we become incarnate souls, fleshy manifestations of spirit who have come to Earth for the experience of learning through suffering. To get along in this realm, initially we need the illusion of self ~ we need to be separated from the Mother and step into the human experience.

And then we need to learn that what we perceive to be the self is an illusion we adopted for our human experience, but the prospect of letting go of the illusion of self is a painful and frightening one: who or what am I if I am not “me”?

I believe this identity crisis is what underpins all of our addictions ~ when I talk about treating the root cause, this is what I’m talking about.

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