a term from Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, meaning something like ‘to let go and drift with the current of life until you bump into something purposeful’; after reading this book the first time I was sure that Pirsig used a river metaphor, saying that one would eventually bump into a place on the shore where they could disembark from drifting and start living more intentionally, but when I read it a second time recently, there was no such metaphor


like a typo, but when you’re writing in longhand


I have written somewhere about my definition of psychosis being a break from illusion ; it needs to be understood that when I use the word ‘psychosis’ I don’t necessarily mean a pathological break from reality ; the best definition I have found so far comes from a book called Am I Going Mad? The Unsettling Phenomena of Spiritual Evolution by Marlyse Carroll

A psychosis is an extreme altered state of consciousness during which ego-consciousness cannot handle the amount or quality of data that is bombarding it.

Since the data in question comes from the unconscious, such a crisis can happen because of spiritual evolution unfolding too fast, or for other reasons. The common medical misconception however is that all psychoses are pathological.

spiritual emergency

defined by Stanislav and Christine Grof to describe spiritual awakening that might be mistaken for a mental-health crisis or emergency


when capitalised, Ignorance denotes the Buddhist sense of the word, meaning ‘ignorance of the true nature of reality’


x. more than mere survival


(new dipthong)
this is how I’m spelling it from now on


(new dipthong)
n. shared ideas