Mental Health

Having published the page Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening, I feel duty bound to link that page with this one, about mental health ~ I would have published this page about mental health anyway, but I think it’s important to be very clear that if you are experiencing the symptoms of psychosis and you have just begun to start reading about whether it may or may not actually be a spiritual awakening, you still need to seek the help of a trained, objective individual who can help you understand your experience ~ I wish I could direct you to someone immediately, but the best I can offer right now is that you call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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Mental health is a subject that fascinates me now, since I first began to wonder about the condition of my own mental health: around my mid-twenties I began to seriously question whether there was more to life than just career, partying, living the Western dream; that was fine, and I enjoyed a period of relatively stable exploration of what I could access of the spiritual path through Buddhism, and apart from a few breakdowns which seemed normal, I considered myself to be generally healthy; it wasn’t until my early thirties and after I had some profound spiritual experiences I wasn’t able to effectively integrate with my daily ‘mundane’ life that I began to experience what I soon learned were the prolonged symptoms of ‘depression’, which I prefer to call ‘dark night of the soul’.

Sorry for the long-winded semi-colonic list, but wabi sabi.