this summer, sweat it out ~ do it for the planet

Ya know, if you’re someone who runs your 4WD engine at 10 pm on a 23-degree evening so you can enjoy the temporary comfort of air conditioning … you need to seek the help of a mental-health professional immediately. If you need me to explain why, then maybe you need a direct line to God, because probably no one else can help you. I’m gonna try anyway:

your need for temporary comfort does not justify the slow destruction of everyone else’s habitat.

Even IF climate change is not caused by human activity, these are finite resources that wars are already being waged over. Is the death of an Iraqi family or an American soldier worth it for your comfort? No, obviously. Is your oil-fuelled comfort linked with these deaths? FFS, yes it is.

I see this kinda selfish behaviour far too often. This time the offenders were my parents’ age ~ two lovebirds, parking in the driveway like it’s 1949. It is rarely teenagers I see doing this. It seems they know better than their elders. These lovebirds were parked outside my bedroom window ~ across the roof of their idling 4WD, I knew, there was a 4-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl, hopefully sound enough asleep that they didn’t witness this profoundly irresponsible behaviour.

Because what sort of example does this set?

A shit one.

If you do this, or you know someone who does, I seriously recommend you call Lifeline for some advice about how to cope in a rapidly warming world. The number is 13 11 14.

I’m deadly serious about this. The world is not ours to plunder for the sake of impermanent comfort. It never was. It’s time we grew up.

Sweat it out ~ you’ll be happier for having expressed the toxins.