Dieta Detailia


minimal ; retain tuna for now ; enjoy fish once a week or so ; allow animal products in the form of oyster sauce and worcestershire sauce, because delicious


eat these with reckless abandon if they exit one of the backyward chickens


avoid excessive quantities ; allow the occassional cappucino, because delicious ; don’t keep at home ; maintain vigilance of products with unexpected dairy-based ingredients


radically reduce but do not eliminate entirely ; allow a good porridge or bircher muesli in the morning ; learn how to make bircher mueslie with ingredients that actively aide digestion ; eliminate commercial bread ; allow frozen roti as a treat ; allow wholegrain and/or wholemeal sourdough ; eliminate white rice ; allow the occassional brown rice ; choose quinoa if you can ; eliminate pasta ; allow raman as an occassional treat ; avoid instant noodles like instant coffee


introduce peppermint and other digestive aides




limit to three per day, and not after midday ; avoid instant coffee like the plague ; don’t beat myself up if I feel like having more than three per day ~ just enjoy them, be sure to chase them with water, and enjoy that the ensuing tension is a good opportunity to experiment with practices that reduce stress and replace adrenaline with whatever replaces adrenaline when we come down off anxiety


retain this for now ; accept that reducing / eliminating other substances will be shocking enough that you may need this temporary crutch / ~anti-depressant~ to keep you froom being overwhelmed by the profound sense of meaninglessness that pervades when you drop one of the first substances you became addicted to


allow and enjoy the occassional beer ; avoid drunkeness ; do not bring home ; avoid drinking alone


allow and enjoy the occassional joint ; prefer bush ; try to find the line between getting stoned and getting high


avoid mainstream/commercial chocolate like it’s instant coffee ; avoid (soft) lollies ; allow the occassional soft drink ; avoid Vietnamese iced coffee, although delicious

Porn, Orgasm and Masturbation

abstain from porn ; allow masturbation ; experiment with ‘edging’ and semen retention

Things to Eliminate/Avoid/Abstain From

; pork
; pork rolls
; Vietnamese iced coffee
; (soft) lollies
; (even soft) porn