I have been profoundly fortunate to encounter some truly amazing therapists in my time, mostly by accident because I have sometimes been one of those blokes who doesn’t actively seek help. But when that help has found me, it has often been transformative in ways I had least expected.

I have often had very little money in this lifetime, so I have been extra-profoundly fortunate to meet therapists who value energy exchanges as much or even sometimes more than financial ones. So I’ve ‘reviewed’ or previewed their services in exchange for receiving their treatments often in an adhoc fashion and setting.

I’m linking to them here in case you’re ‘shopping for a shrink’ and don’t know where to start.

Evolve with Lou


I studied the Buddhist teachings of the Lam Rim at Chenrezig Institue with Lou in January 2017, and when some things (a lot of things!) started coming up out of my emotional and physical pain-body, Lou was able to calmly and compassionately sit me down for some EFT tapping, as a friend and as a dharma buddy.

I cannot easily express how profoundly effective the tapping was: I was having trouble accepting emotions ranging from my fear of the anger that comes from insomnia for me, right through to my fear of a rapidly manifesting (and previously unseen) messiah complex; Lou was able to help me express these fears in the safe environment that she creates with active compassionate listening, and to see these fears for the illusions that they were; she helped me get some much-needed sleep, and this helped me come down off the false belief that I was the Second Coming of Jesus. True story.

Best of all, and the reason Lou’s work is so profoundly effective, is it teaches you how to create this safe environment for yourself, using tapping techniques that she guides you through ~ she helps you learn how to practice active compassionate listening to yourself.

All the fears that are buried deep inside you, unable to be seen because of the complex of illusions we struggle with daily … Lou can help you bring these to the light of awareness.

And once our delusions are exposed to the light, we need never fear their darkness again. Seriously.

5 stars x a billion + 1ย ๐Ÿ˜€

~~~ Connect with Lou at her website or through Facebook. ~~~

Dance with Giselle


Dancing in the space created by Giselle was a homecoming of sorts. Zen Space Yoga Studio was a haven among havens among natural reserve, a place removed enough from the hustle but still connected to facilities, making it easy to let go into the inner journey and feel supported.

Giselleโ€™s energy is divinely enthusiastic and boisterous and very accepting. I felt safe to be self. Her guidance and support throughout the dance was more felt than explicitly expressed and I was able to go on a journey of the imagination that was profoundly restorative and illuminating.

We travelled briefly through all the chakras from base to crown, and then focused on the throat chakra, a vortex that has been feeling very clogged for me lately. I was worried that unblocking the energy would cause a catastrophic emotional release (I cry like I vomit, and I have been told I vomit like a dinosaur) because I seem to have a strong spiritual-expressive energy that I am only beginning to acknowledge and accept. But the tracks Giselle chose were so gentle and sweet that my release was at once once mild and all that I needed.

There was enough space after the main dance to just sit in the inner space that came through after the release, and Giselle had made it clear that movement is whatever you need it to be, so I allowed the movement to go on inside a still body while the chakras did their thing. I havenโ€™t felt them so aligned for a long time. Iโ€™m still feeling it now, and I know my inner and outer expression will be more harmonious until the world does its thing and knocks them around again. Until then, I feel more myself again, and with that comes a deep sense of gratitude for the environment that Giselle created for that alignment to happen.

The inner and outer movement of the afternoon also shifted something around a few niggling joint complaints and Iโ€™m looking forward to having my big toe back in action soon ๐Ÿ™‚

And then I did a mandala that looks like I shoved textas up my a~~~ and farted. I have put it in my space and I love it very much, because it reminds me that there is a space inside that I can connect with anytime the outer world gets a bit overwhelmo!

Thanks Giselle. It was my first Chakradance experience in 5 years, and the space you helped us create was a beautiful, warm and gentle welcome back.

~~~ Connect with Giselle at her website or through Facebook. ~~~